NGS Player Hero Stats Endpoint

This endpoint is used for getting an NGS players stats on a hero. The following attributes are returned.

  "division_total_games": division_total_games,
  "games_played": games_played,
  "kills": kills,
  "takedowns": takedowns,
  "assists": assists,
  "deaths": deaths,
  "wins": wins,
  "losses": losses,
  "average_kda": average_kda,
  "bans": bans,
  "participation": participation,
  "kda": kda,
  "average_kills": average_kills,
  "average_takedowns": average_takedowns,
  "average_assists": average_assists,
  "average_deaths": average_deaths

Example Usage

{warning} All API calls require an api_token as part of the query string and are prefixed by

Method URI Headers
GET NGS/Player/Hero/Stat?battletag=Zemill%231940&region=1&hero=Kerrigan&season=7&division=A Default
GET NGS/Player/Hero/Stat?hero=Kerrigan&season=7&division=A Default

URL Parameters (required)

hero: Full hero name.

season: An NGS season. (6 or 7).

division: The NGS division the player is in for the season chosen.

URL Parameters (as needed)

battletag: (Full battletag) - url encoded.

region: (1 = NA, 2 = EU, 3 = KR, 5 = CN).  Use 1 for NGS.

Example Return

  "division_total_games": 145,
  "games_played": 1,
  "kills": 3,
  "takedowns": 7,
  "assists": 4,
  "deaths": 2,
  "wins": 1,
  "losses": 0,
  "average_kda": 3.5,
  "bans": 2,
  "participation": 3,
  "kda": 3.5,
  "average_kills": 3,
  "average_takedowns": 7,
  "average_assists": 4,
  "average_deaths": 2