Player MMR Endpoint

This endpoint is used for gathering player mmr data. The following attributes are returned.

        "battletag": {
            "game_type": {
            "mmr": mmr,
            "games_played": games_played,
            "league_tier": "league_tier"

Example Usage

{warning} All API calls require an api_token as part of the query string and are prefixed by

Method URI Headers
GET /Player/MMR?mode=json&battletag=Zemill%231940&region=1&game_type=Storm League Default
GET /Player/MMR?mode=csv&battletag=Zemill%231940&region=1&game_type=Storm League Default

URL Parameters (required)

mode: (json or csv)

battletag:  (Full battletag) - url encoded

region:  (1 = NA, 2 = EU, 3 = KR, 5 = CN)

URL Parameters (as needed)

game_type: Full game type.  e.g.  Storm League

Example Return

  "Zemill#1940": {
    "Storm League": {
      "mmr": 2572,
      "games_played": 51,
      "league_tier": "platinum"