NGS Replay Data Endpoint

This endpoint is used for gathering the NGS replay data for a particular replayID. The following attributes are returned.

  "replayID": {
    "game_date": "game_date",
    "team_0": "team_0",
    "team_0_map_ban_1": "team_0_map_ban_1",
    "team_0_map_ban_2": "team_0_map_ban_2",
    "team_1": "team_1",
    "team_1_map_ban_1": "team_1_map_ban_1 Shire",
    "team_1_map_ban_2": "team_1_map_ban_2",
    "game_length": game_length,
    "game_map": "game_map",
    "game_version": "game_version",
    "region": region,
    "player": {
      "hero": "hero",
      "hero_level": hero_level,
      "team": team,
      "winner": winner,
      "party": "party",
      "talents": {
        "1": "1",
        "4": "4",
        "7": "7",
        "10": "10",
        "13": "13",
        "16": "16",
        "20": "20"
      "scores": {
        "level": level,
        "kills": kills,
        "assists": assists,
        "takedowns": takedowns,
        "deaths": deaths,
        "highest_kill_streak": highest_kill_streak,
        "hero_damage": hero_damage,
        "siege_damage": siege_damage,
        "structure_damage": structure_damage,
        "minion_damage": minion_damage,
        "creep_damage": creep_damage,
        "summon_damage": summon_damage,
        "time_cc_enemy_heroes": time_cc_enemy_heroes,
        "healing": healing,
        "self_healing": self_healing,
        "damage_taken": damage_taken,
        "experience_contribution": experience_contribution,
        "town_kills": town_kills,
        "time_spent_dead": time_spent_dead,
        "merc_camp_captures": merc_camp_captures,
        "watch_tower_captures": watch_tower_captures,
        "meta_experience": meta_experience,
        "protection_allies": protection_allies,
        "silencing_enemies": silencing_enemies,
        "rooting_enemies": rooting_enemies,
        "stunning_enemies": stunning_enemies,
        "clutch_heals": clutch_heals,
        "escapes": escapes,
        "vengeance": vengeance,
        "outnumbered_deaths": outnumbered_deaths,
        "teamfight_escapes": teamfight_escapes,
        "teamfight_healing": teamfight_healing,
        "teamfight_damage_taken": teamfight_damage_taken,
        "teamfight_hero_damage": teamfight_hero_damage,
        "multikill": multikill,
        "physical_damage": physical_damage,
        "spell_damage": spell_damage,
        "regen_globes": regen_globes,
        "first_to_ten": first_to_ten

Example Usage

{warning} All API calls require an api_token as part of the query string and are prefixed by

Method URI Headers
GET /NGS/Replay/Data?replayID=1 Default

Example Return

    "1": {
        "game_date": "2019-02-26 02:25:19",
        "team_0": "Nexus Cats",
        "team_0_map_ban_1": "Battlefield of Eternity",
        "team_0_map_ban_2": null,
        "team_1": "ProBUs",
        "team_1_map_ban_1": "Dragon Shire",
        "team_1_map_ban_2": null,
        "game_length": 1177,
        "game_map": "Infernal Shrines",
        "game_version": "",
        "region": 1,
        "Arthanau#1690": {
            "hero": "Cassia",
            "hero_level": 13,
            "mastery_taunt": 0,
            "team": 0,
            "winner": true,
            "blizz_id": 592759,
            "party": "-108392953",
            "talents": {
                "1": "Charged Strikes",
                "4": "Ring of the Leech",
                "7": "Surge of Light",
                "10": "Ball Lightning",
                "13": "Grounding Bolt",
                "16": "Martial Law",
                "20": "Titan's Revenge"